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Product Strategy & Discovery

Navigate the intricate landscape of product development with our systematic framework, driving alignment, insights, and a clear plan to meet your business goals.

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Whether you're a startup or a big corporation, starting off on the right foot is crucial for product development. This requires thorough research and design to drive alignment amongst all stakeholders and team members about the desirability, viability and feasibility of the planned product. Our Product Discovery Framework is your tool to create this joint understanding through uncovering, assessing, and planning all relevant aspects in a cost-effective way.

In-Depth Understanding

Our Product Discovery process provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the user, business, technical and product-related aspects of your business idea. We leave no detail unexplored, helping you to grasp all important details and dependencies that may have an outsized impact on your success.

Tailored Solutions

We excel at delivering the best-fit solutions customized to your customers' needs, leveraging our extensive business and technology expertise, covering everything from infrastructure to cloud and application development.

Establishing Foundational deliverables

We assist in establishing essential project deliverables, including a clear roadmap, robust architecture, accurate cost projections, a well-structured schedule, and a balanced team composition. These foundational elements set your project on a solid footing, ensuring clarity, confidence, and successful execution from the outset.

AWS Funding Advantage

We continuously assess, apply for and secure early-stage and ongoing AWS funding on your behalf, reducing AWS costs even further.

Cross-functional team

Our Product discovery team always involves the right mix of talent to provide all the necessary capabilities to ensure successful outcome. The team typically includes: Digital Consultant, Technical Lead, Facilitator (Product manager)

  • 1 Digital Consultant: Responsible for overall project management, guiding the team, and ensuring alignment with the client's goals. Gathers and analyzes business requirements, understands market trends, and identifies potential business value.
  • 1 Technical Lead: Provides technical expertise, assesses feasibility, and offers insights into technology options.
  • 1 Facilitator: Leads the workshop sessions, guides discussions, and ensures that all relevant topics are covered.
  • 1 UX/UI Designer (optional): Creates user-centered designs and prototypes based on gathered insights.

Our process


1. Intro call

Welcome to the starting point of your product discovery journey. Our product discovery call is your first opportunity to engage with us and lay the foundation for a successful collaboration.

  • Goal: Our primary aim during this call is to establish a clear understanding of your business idea and define the core problem that your product seeks to address. We want to hear your vision and grasp the essence of what you aim to achieve.
  • Effort: A quick 30-minute online call.

The result of this phase is to understand your business motivations and identify high-level product issues.


2. Product strategy workshop

We kick off by understanding your problem you are trying to solve and assessing all the moving parts. We gather valuable business and technology insights, audience data, and competitor analysis to craft a strategic product vision, setting the stage for successful development and growth.

  • Goal: Clarify your business goals for the planned product and define the key strategic points.
  • Effort: A 3-hour workshop.

The result of this phase is to develop a clear product vision and strategy.


3. Product discovery workshops

This is where we roll up our sleeves and dive deep. We conduct workshops to understand your business challenges, create user personas and journeys, and establish the initial list of features. We prioritize these features on a roadmap and propose a system architecture for the product. Additionally, we outline the user journey and stories for your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), explore the best technology options, and evaluate features to ensure they deliver maximum benefit to your business and users.

  • Goal: Define and build the key artefacts for your MVP
  • Effort: These workshops involve 6-9 sessions, each lasting 4 hours, and preferably conducted in person.

The result of this phase is to create a system architecture, product roadmap, and provide pricing and team proposals.


4. Product proposal

In the Final Phase: This is the last step where we bring together the findings from our product discovery process, and share important insights and opportunities with your management team. You'll receive a comprehensive product vision and strategy, a roadmap with all the features, details about the technical setup, the team structure for your future project, and a clear estimate of the costs involved.

  • Goal: Share the results with key decision-makers.
  • Effort: A 1-hour presentation.
  • The result of this phase is to present a detailed product proposal.
  • Go/no-go decision to build the product

Materials we hand over

System architecture with tech stack recommendation

Product roadmap with prioritised feature list

Project price and time estimation

Product proposal for management presentation

Take the Next Step with SnapSoft. We're prepared to start when you’re ready, with a well-equipped team and turnkey templates for your product discovery journey.

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Vilmos Beskid
CTO, OnRobot and GM, OnRobot Budapest
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“The collaboration was smooth, the SnapSoft developers were highly motivated, and were an integral part of the WebLytics core team. They regularly joined us in our offices and gained hands-on knowledge of industrial robots and OnRobot devices. As a result, we launched an innovative, high-quality product in November 2021. This has been OnRobot's largest software product launch to date. We are looking forward to working with SnapSoft’s developers again in the future."
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