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Why SnapSoft?

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We build teams who thrive on trust, cooperation, and extreme ownership to create inspiring cloud-native products with our customers. Our experience and expertise make us the ideal partner for businesses looking to optimize operations and achieve their goals.
With industry-high employee retention rates, attractive pricing, and contractual flexibility, we can guarantee quick scaling up or down as necessary.
Our growth rate (2x for 5+ years) and our track record (average customer tenure is 3+ years) demonstrate that we can bring immediate and sustained engineering value to any.
Taking full responsibility for our work, we don’t work with subcontractors.


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App dev / modernization

Leverage our engineering capabilities and agile delivery process to build modern, scalable, high-performing, and dependable custom software applications.

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Cloud migration (App + Data)

Take your business to new heights with our comprehensive cloud migration solutions that seamlessly and securely move your applications and data to the cloud for increased scalability, flexibility, and cost savings.

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AI/ML & analytics

Unlock the power of data with our cutting-edge AI/ML and analytics solutions, enabling you to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Cloud security

We help you securely configure your AWS Account or AWS Organization with best practices and implement cloud-native security solutions for your applications.

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DevOps (CI/CD + IaaC)

Empower your company to swiftly adapt to evolving market conditions and competition by utilizing our efficient and error-free code deployment solutions.


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Data Acceleration Lab

Create tangible deliverables that accelerate data, analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning, serverless, and container modernization initiatives.

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Well-Architected Framework Review - WAFR

Learn how well your architecture aligns with cloud best practices and gain guidance for making improvements.

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Product Strategy & Discovery

Let your product idea come to life the right way. With a series of workshops, one of our cross-functional teams will help you clarify the users, roadmap and most important first steps for your product.

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Proof of Concept - PoC

Drive innovation and efficiency within your organization through an AWS PoC that introduces the advantages of AWS cloud migration with no risk and minimal spending.


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Team as a Service

Pick a SnapSoft team that delivers your full project led by ex-McKinsey product people.

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Team Augmentation

We help boost your development capacity with top-quality senior engineers within 2 weeks.

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CTO as a Service

Get leadership guidance to reach your business goals.

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We provide expert guidance and advice to businesses seeking to leverage technology to improve their operations and achieve their goals.


State of the art solutions with the most relevant technologies











.NET Core

.NET Core





Our partners said

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An image of Vilmos Beskid
Vilmos Beskid
CTO, OnRobot and GM, OnRobot Budapest
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“The collaboration was smooth, the SnapSoft developers were highly motivated, and were an integral part of the WebLytics core team. They regularly joined us in our offices and gained hands-on knowledge of industrial robots and OnRobot devices. As a result, we launched an innovative, high-quality product in November 2021. This has been OnRobot's largest software product launch to date. We are looking forward to working with SnapSoft’s developers again in the future."
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SnapSoft is a Certified AWS partner

Choose us for successful cloud-based projects, including data & analytics, machine learning, e-Commerce marketplace solutions, logistics & quality assurance, and complete system migrations to AWS and other cloud platforms.

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