SnapSoft helps Sunme Solar to calculate cost ranges in a snap - SnapSoft
SnapSoft helps Sunme Solar to calculate cost ranges in a snap

SnapSoft helps Sunme Solar to calculate cost ranges in a snap

SnapSoft helps Sunme Solar to calculate cost ranges in a snap


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Renewable Energy

Established in 2016, Sunme Solar Ltd. helps homeowners across the country to realise the potential of their homes to produce sustainable, green energy using solar power systems. Sunme Solar needed a means of precisely calculating and demonstrating the economical advantages of using solar power. Sunme needed a partner to enable them to calculate cost ranges in a snap, and list technical needs precisely using advanced software, hence replacing the costly need to install their products first.

Initial problem

We understand that renewable energy may not always come hand in hand with the traditional system of a home construction. Solar energy system is not “one-size-fits all” as each house is unique, hence it requires a personalized management of solar energy system installation. Although solar energy system is now growing in prominence, yet is still uncommon for construction companies to be able to provide the effective, personalized systems that home owners need to make an informed investment decision in renewable energy.

Most of them rely merely on their previous experiences without conducting a proper survey to fit the personal need of a house. This approach, homeowners is inaccurate and oversimplified miscalculations may result in financial disadvantages to the home owner.


As we are aware of this problem, we seek to help homeowners as well as construction companies to find parameters of an optimal solar system through various calculations and models.

Starting from UX and UI plans that were available for the entire system, we assessed essential functions for market validation. Followed by a consultation on business needs with our partner, we achieved the desired set of functions that we implemented in the MVP version.


SnapSoft’s Contribution to the Solution

We developed a comprehensive IT solution that can be used to personally determine the capacity of solar energy for each house and roof, so that the number of required solar collectors and their optimal location on the roof can be determined precisely. The Sunme experts are conducting on-site surveys of roofs along with their surroundings, deploying drones for areal inspection. Additionally we can plug in geoinformatics system data as well.


Integrated system


On-site survey mobile application

Provides the data recorded to the management system. REST API allows the mobile phone to download and upload the required data.


Drone survey data

The data generated after the roof drone survey must also be able to be received by the system.


Solar capacity calculation application

External service to which the web application transmits the roof parameters and then receives the calculation result asynchronously.

Cloud provider AWS

For DevOps processes and project management, we used GitLab, provided code quality and testing coverage with the SonarQube code quality checker. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the services of the cloud service provider as it is the most convenient in terms of web application functionality and services fees. AWS also helps to complete the MVP phase of the project as soon as possible due to its rapid progress


  • Amazon EC2: the .NET Core back-end had been hosted
  • Amazon Cognito: to solve user and role management
  • Amazon S3: for file storage and Angular frontend static hosting
  • Amazon SES: for system email notifications
  • Amazon CloudFront: for Global Content Delivery

As a result of the system developed by SnapSoft, customers can receive fully customized and precise cost savings estimates and return on their investment timeline when considering to acquire Sunme solar sustainable energy products.

Technology stack

Backend and mobile apps
.NET Core