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Fruccola Bar, fully automated smart restaurant system

Fruccola Bar, fully automated smart restaurant system

Fruccola Bar, fully automated smart restaurant system


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Smart Restaurant

Fruccola envisioned the Fruccola BAR, an intuitive, fully automated self-service system in the nascent smart restaurant industry. Fruccola BAR is an innovative smart refrigerator and dispenser system that offers healthy and popular meals and drinks to company employees 24 hours a day, with a secure, contact-free shopping experience.


Guests can use the Fruccola BAR app to self-service food and drinks. By scanning the QR code on Fruccola BAR the guest is instantly identified, and the Fruccola BAR door opens as well as the guest’s bill. The smart refrigerator identifies the pre-registered user and the selected products. Guests are free to choose their meals as if they were at home. To close their bill, guests just close the refrigerator’s door. The Fruccola BAR calculates the total of the self-served items and collects the payment using the payment method registered in the app.



  • communication with the refrigerator (hardware) through the server
  • payment options integration to the app (OTP, KH, MKB, szép card, Apple pay)
  • tracking marketing campaigns and reporting the appropriate install attribution
  • continuous, custom animations on and between screens


SnapSoft’s Contribution to the Solution

  • continuous IT consulting for the smart fridge / mobile and backend integration
  • 4 engineer Scrum / Agile team
  • Native iOS & Android mobile clients
    • firebase integration / push notification management
    • lottie library to display animations
    • custom animations
    • QR code scan
    • In app loyalty and coupon system
    • Food category list view
    • order history display
  • Bigfish and Novopayment client side bank integration
    • recurring payment implementation
  • AdobeXD and Sketch design based views
  • ClickUp project management tool

Technology stack

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