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Enhancing operational efficiency for a solar energy company

Enhancing operational efficiency for a solar energy company

Enhancing operational efficiency for a solar energy company


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SnapSoft partnered with a leading solar energy company in Hungary that specializes in establishing solar power plants from planning and permitting to turnkey execution. Additionally, the company operates its own solar power plants across the country. SnapSoft focused on optimizing the management of the company's existing power plants, making their production, consumption, and other data more accessible and transparent for management to facilitate informed, data-driven decisions regarding investments, developments, and other strategic choices.


The energy generated by the company is sold to several market players. However, obtaining real-time data for the reconciliation of sold electricity and revenue generated was challenging. The data provided by various DSOs came in different formats, making it cumbersome to compile and analyze. Moreover, additional monitoring and control data collected directly from the power plants further complicated the situation. SnapSoft faced the task of aggregating data from multiple sources into a single platform, presenting it in a comprehensible format. The visualization platform was expected not only to provide comprehensive reporting but also to allow customization and creation of new reports, catering to users with varying levels of SQL proficiency.



  • Diverse data sources with different file formats and structures
  • Establishing an efficient AWS system to serve the partner company cost-effectively, considering sporadic usage
  • Developing a transparent, real-time, and configurable reporting interface that could be easily navigated by users with limited SQL knowledge

SnapSoft's Contribution to the Solution

SnapSoft implemented a solution that streamlined the data flow and reporting processes for the solar energy company. The solution involved:

  • Data Ingestion: Automated extraction of data from emails, followed by storage in Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Data Processing: Utilization of Amazon Athena for querying the data stored in S3, ensuring efficient processing and analysis.
  • Visualization: Deployment of AWS QuickSight for creating interactive and customizable reports, enabling users to generate insights without extensive technical expertise.


By implementing the solution provided by SnapSoft, the solar energy company achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency:

  • Real-time access to consolidated data from multiple sources facilitated accurate reconciliation of electricity sales and revenue.
  • The user-friendly reporting interface empowered users with varying technical backgrounds to generate customized reports efficiently.
  • Cost-effective utilization of AWS resources ensured scalability and affordability, accommodating the partner company's sporadic usage patterns. In conclusion, SnapSoft's tailored solution enabled the solar energy company to leverage data effectively, driving informed decision-making and enhancing overall operational performance.


Technology stack

AWS Lambda
AWS Athena
AWS Quicksight